The Blingest Green Bay Packers Cell Phone Cases You Can Buy

Bling Green Bay Packers Cell Phone Case

Looking for a blinged out Green Bay Packers cell phone case?  Well look no further.  When I first saw these Packers cases made and sold by the Packer Princess, my jaw dropped.   I was just mesmerized by all that Green and Gold sparkle.  Look at them…they have more bling then a Super Bowl ring not to mention they are absolutely gorgeous!  It really is the perfect way to accessorize an Android or iPhone with style and beauty for all Packer Ladies.

The cases run from $35 to $45 (depending on how you want to customize it) including shipping and can be purchased by messaging the Packer Princess with your order at her Instagram account.

Bling Green Bay Packers Cell Phone Case

And if you think her skills are just limited to cell phone cases…think again. Check out this blinged out Packer football that would make Tiffany & Co. blush!

Bling Green Bay Packers Football