11 Amazing Reasons Why Aaron Rodgers Is My Free Pass

Why Aaron Rodgers Is My Free Pass

If you had the opportunity to be with anyone in the world, for one night, with no repercussions from your significant other, who would it be?  A movie star? A rock god?  Why do I ask?  Because this person is your “free pass”, a glorious, wishful chance to be with your ultimate crush and whisper sweet nothings to each other all guilt-free night long.  Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?!  Why yes, yes it does.

You know who’s my free pass?  A sexy, two-time NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion quarterback of the greatest team on the planet whose smile melts my heart every time.  He’s just a flat out a gorgeous man.  But there’s more than handsomeness and money that make #12 the ultimate free pass for me. “Are you crazy? What more can there be?” you may be asking.  A lot!  Here are more reasons why Aaron Rodgers is my free pass

He’s Super Duper Smart

Smart Aaron Rodgers Is My Free Pass

Not only did Aaron attend one of the most prestigious academic universities in the world at UC-Berkeley, he dominated Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful and an astronaut on Celebrity Jeopardy.  A freaking astronaut!  He even got Alex Tribek to do a Discount Double Check during his knowledge beatdown thus creating what should be a new category on Jeopardy…Things Tribek Makes Look Extremely Awkward.

Here’s his graciously humble tweet about his time on the show…

which leads me to the next thing…

He’s Hilarious On Twitter

A Turd Ferguson reference?!?  LOL  Here are some more Twitter gems…

That Butt!

Cute Butt Aaron Rodgers Is My Free Pass

He would win the M.V.B. award every year if the NFL had it.

He Plays The Guitar…

Aaron Rodgers Guitar

Maybe a little James Taylor in bed.  Or Avett Brothers.  Swoon.

And Is Fluent In Sign Language 😉