11 Awesome Green Bay Packers Gifts For Any Cheesehead

Ah, it’s the holiday season!  The time of year of around-the-clock Christmas music, crazy crowds at the mall, and finding that perfect Green Bay Packers gift for your friends and family.  I wanted to help my fellow Cheeseheads with that last one to make your green and gold shopping a little easier, so I decided to make a list of some of my favorite, unique, awesome Green Bay Packers gifts so you’ll have more time to enjoy some spiked eggnog and Old Fashioneds.  Happy Holidays Packer Nation!

Nothing says “holidays” like a cocktail or two, so you may as well do it in style. I can think of no better way to enjoy the family gatherings, gift exchanges, and office parties than pulling this little accessory out of my jacket.

I also can think of no better way to deal with crowded malls, or long lines at the post office or even travel delays.

Give the gift of relaxation to your loved ones, and pick up one for yourself for $18. I know I sure did.

What  better way to adorn your family jewels than with these bad boys? I wasn’t aware they made sexy mens underwear until now.  It’s Victoria Secret lingerie for Packer guys for $27.

If you have a child, this is a must. Unless you want your kid to grow up a Bears fan, I suggest this book makes its way into your child’s stocking. Recommended for little cheeseheads 3-10 years old and it’s $14.

Be the star of your very own game with this little gem. Turn it into a drinking game, relive your favorite plays, even give it to your kid! Better yet, give it to your kid and then borrow it.  You’re welcome.  And it’s only $11.

Imagine all the posters you had as a child of your favorite sportsmen hanging in your childhood room. Take it to the 21st century for your children with these easily removed decals. Just don’t be surprised if you find your wife spending a lot more time in the kids room, or man cave.  Clinging to the wall Aaron is $36.

Fussy baby during the big game? Soothe that baby Packer fan with a stylish pacifier. Or maybe put it in a annoying Vikings fan’s mouth for $8.99!

Make sure your girl is dressed to impress with this Packers infinity scarf, and if she doesn’t like it, just regift it to your hipster niece or nephew. You can’t lose!  The scarf sells for $20.

Make a great impression at those holiday parties in this FANtastic ugly Christmas sweater! If this is ugly, I don’t want to be beautiful!  Price varies from $33.60 to $69.99 depending on the size.

Baby it’s cold outside! Finally you or your loved one can get cozy on the couch with the men of Green Bay for $24.99!

Men, if you didn’t already know, I’ll let you in on a little secret…Aaron Rodgers is every Packers lady’s “free pass.”  So get this little Aaron for her to sleep next to every night for $17.99 along with this awesome shirt!

Finally, the Claymaker himself can adorn your Christmas tree! Do we really need any other ornaments? I think not.  Sack your little Clay for $31.50!

Be sure to check out the Green + Gold Store to find more gifts for those Green Bay Packers fans in your life!