December Is Coming Early

Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Game Review

Where does the axe fall this time? Who is the unlucky guy who we’re all going to blame this week? Who is your “escape goat”? Lots of people have said play-calling is to blame.  Many say Rodgers just isn’t cutting it while some fans are even ready to throw in the towel! If giving up is your way of coping, that’s fair, but that’s not my cup of tea. What do we have to blame when a team all of a sudden starts struggling and strings together a series of losses? Simple. We blame football.

The history of Titletown is great, a storied franchise, lots of Hall of Famers and 13 World Championships to add to that. However, this history also seems to have a bit of a negative effect on the fans. It goes like this.  Packer fans expect perfection, and if they get anything less than that, they panic. When they panic, as we learned on Sunday, they boo. If we expect the team to get going, the fans first have to fix themselves. A bad attitude is like a flat tire, if you don’t change it, you won’t get anywhere. Don’t expect to win if you can’t handle losing; especially if you’re going to boo when they struggle.

The game on Sunday is a road game, and so for fans who often attend home games, this will be a week off. So, we don’t have to prepare, but the team does, a lot. McCarthy said that he thought the team practiced well last week, and had a good feeling when they stepped on the field against Detroit. Well, we all know how that went. So, some changes will have to be made in terms of preparation.

The diamonds in the rough were quite clear this week as two younger players stepped up big. Justin Perillo, a young man who has worked very hard to earn a larger role with the team. When the coach called his number on Sunday, he was ready. Perillo had five receptions for a total of 58 yards and a touchdown, with a clutch 3rd and 15 grab on that touchdown drive which brought the Pack to within two before the failed two point conversion.  Jared Abbrederis, finally got his chance to shine. Abbrederis had four receptions for 57 yards, including a large play on the sideline, getting open on the second chance move for a scrambling Aaron Rodgers. Unfortunately, Jared was hit hard on the play, and is expected to miss the next few weeks.

If you like it or not, I’m sorry, but as Vic Ketchman always says “Help is not on the way.” If you’re waiting for Mike to take back play-calling, I wouldn’t hold your breath. No major changes will be made. Only little changes that have large impacts. The Packers’ need to develop a deep pass threat. First of all, for the free plays that Rodgers is great at creating, but really just to open the field up. Last Sunday we saw the unthinkable, the Lions were forcing Rodgers to throw the ball. Can you believe that?

But, it is already Wednesday, which means it is time to move on, and readjust our focus to this Sunday, and the importance of this upcoming game. If we win, we’re back in the top spot of the NFC North. If we lose, we’re two games behind, and will be more focused on a wild card position. December in the NFL is where true team’s identities are discovered, where we see what teams are legit, and which teams will collapse. The four weeks in December could make or break a team’s season. Given the Packers’ position headed into this week, it looks like December has come early for the Packers.

But for now until Sunday, keep your head up. We’ve got a lot of work to do, but we also still have a ton of life left. So, for the one thousandth time, you’re going to be told to relax. I’m sorry. If we lose next week, then I won’t tell you to relax. But for now, keep your heads up.

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