Minnesota Man Admits To Son “There Is No Lombardi Trophy”

A local Mankato man believes that he cannot hide the truth from his young son any longer about the Lombardi Trophy.

“For the first several years after Hunter was born, I told him if he was a good little boy, the Vikings would win the Super Bowl and we would celebrate on the streets of Minneapolis and he would see the Lombardi Trophy glistening in the February sun,” lamented Tom Larson.

“But it’s time I come clean and tell him the truth.  It’s time to tell him the Lombardi Trophy isn’t real.”

“Look, my Dad told me the same football fairytale until I was 13 years old.  ‘Hey Tom, be good and the Lombardi Trophy will visit Minnesota this year.’  So I would tell all the kids at school that the Lombardi was coming!  You know how much they would make fun of me?!?”

When told that the eventual NFL champion does receive a silver trophy that is indeed named after the legendary Green Bay Packers head coach, Mr. Larson immediately rejected that assertion.

“That’s hogwash.  In my 35 years, I’ve never seen it in person.  Neither has my wife, Debbie, who is from Duluth or any one of my fellow ‘Sota neighbors.  Look, I know my relatives in Wisconsin tell their kids the same fairytale, but now that Hunter is about to start 1st grade I just don’t want him to go through the ridicule that I did as a kid,” as he took a drink from his Labatt Blue beer.