• Ethan Helms Liebzeit
    Posted at 01:27h, 26 August Reply

    I can’t believe Clement called that Kuhn dive on 4 and1. Sooooooo stupid! Freaking idiot! #PackerRant

  • Ethan Helms Liebzeit
    Posted at 02:08h, 26 August Reply


  • Ethan Liebzeit
    Posted at 02:22h, 26 August Reply

    What the hell was McCarthy doing with that challenge flag?!?!?! It was sooooo obvious Jeffrey was in bounds. Ugh, another waster timeout by the Bearded Idiot.

  • ethanliebzeit
    Posted at 05:12h, 03 September Reply

    The preseason is absolutely stupid.  We lose one of our best players, not to mention one of the best players in the NFL, during a glorified practice session.  Not to mention, the season ticket holders have to pay FULL PRICE of $80 for it.  This is highway robbery.

  • FaithLiebzeit
    Posted at 01:26h, 08 September Reply

    I think Aaron Rodgers agrees with you… he said much the same thing.

  • LarryLiebzeit
    Posted at 02:50h, 13 September Reply

    This is it! Lombardi Quest Eve!! GO PACK

  • ethanliebzeit
    Posted at 15:10h, 13 September Reply

    Let’s do this!  The road to the Super Bowl starts today!  GO PACK GO!

  • brisayshello
    Posted at 18:07h, 13 September Reply

    Jumping offsides on a 27-yard FG and then PI to offset a holding call leads to 7 points for Chicago.  Really, Shields?!

  • ethanliebzeit
    Posted at 18:21h, 13 September Reply

    Those holding calls were ATROCIOUS!!!  Cost us a freaking touchdown.

  • ethanliebzeit
    Posted at 18:35h, 13 September Reply

    Hey Ha Ha…maybe you should TACKLE JAY CUTLER!!!  How the hell do you not make that tackle?!?!

  • LarryLiebzeit
    Posted at 01:27h, 15 September Reply

    The Pack has some issues, but you gotta love them Bears. One of the best friends GB fans have had for years now. And the Chicago papers complain it’s the same old Cutler. No it’s not. He now makes a ton of money.

  • LarryLiebzeit
    Posted at 20:52h, 20 September Reply

    We get to the home opener against a team that everyone,almost, in Wisconsin should greatly,greatly dislike. At a level equal to da Bears and I notice that tickets can be had for not much over face value. Seems very strange with a waiting list of about 110,000, or so, for season tickets.You’d think they’d be gobbled up.Maybe it has to do with playing at night,with the prospect of getting home after midnight facing a work day. Maybe football should be played in the day,before television dollars took over the game. Now let’s crush that read option.

  • LarryLiebzeit
    Posted at 02:40h, 25 September Reply

    Thanks Seattle for not running your best play, read option, very much. Also given the Lynch bottle up, maybe. The Super Bowl call wasn’t as out of line as initially thought. Hope Seattle has a good enough year to come back to GB for the Championship Game.

  • Larry
    Posted at 00:50h, 08 November Reply

    Where or where has the Pack gone? We had replacement refs and looks like replacement Pack. Let’s look in the mirror and see if the chip is still there or missing. Games like that shorten backs careers. Com’on Pack. Make him look like a fig Newton.

  • Ethan Helms Liebzeit
    Posted at 17:52h, 09 November Reply

    I don’t care about the mini-victories like the comeback in the 4th Quarter. Maybe if they would have taken advantage of the gift interception and punched it in and won, but they didn’t so why overlook the lack of energy and flaws that have been exposed in the last two weeks. The offensive line has been atrocious. The wide receivers can’t get separation. Lacy looks like a shell of his former self. Rodgers looks unsure in almost every drop back. The secondary is a sieve. No pass rush.

  • Faith
    Posted at 21:27h, 22 November Reply

    What a disappointment to hear the home crowd boo the Pack during the Detroit game. Typical bandwagon fans that don’t deserve a team.

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