Should I Bet The Packers Against Dallas?

Wow!  Now that was about as an improbable cover that you will ever see!  To put it in perspective, the Packers, according to smarter than me stats guys, had roughly a .001% chance of scoring a touchdown on that play!  .oo1%!?!  Truly amazing.  Next up, a rematch of the playoffs with Dez “Didn’t Catch It” Bryant and the Cowboys coming back to Lambeau.   Jerry Jones and his hooligans are 4-8 against the spread overall and 3-3 ATS away from Jerry World.  The Packers are 7-5 against the spread overall and 3-3 ATS at home.  The Packers are favored by 7 points.  Should I bet $10 on Green Bay to cover the spread?  If the majority of you think “Yes”, I will lay the cash down.  If the answer is “No”, I will wait until next week and await the poll results for the Week 15 line against the Raiders. Should I bet the Packers against the Cowboys?

Comment to let everyone know why you think the Packers will/won’t cover the spread.