Should I bet the Packers in Week 2?

Thanks for choosing the winning bet against the Bears last week Packers fans!  Now we have the Seahawks coming into Lambeau and the Packers are 3 point favorites.  Same deal as last week…should I bet $10 on Green Bay to cover the spread?  If the majority of you think “Yes”, I will lay the cash down.  If the answer is “No”, I will wait until next week and await the poll results for the Week 3 line against the Chiefs.

Comment to let everyone know why you think the Packers will/won’t cover the spread.


Why will the Packers cover the spread ? Aaron, Claymaker, Ed Zone... that's why!

ethanliebzeit moderator

The votes are in!  You liked the Packers to cover 3 points, so here's the bet!