Should I Bet The Packers In Week 6?

Well, they did it again!  The Packers are not only undefeated in the Win/Loss column, but they are the only team in the NFL that is 5-0 Against The Spread this year.  Perfection is a beautiful thing.  Next up, a home game against the San Diego Super Chargers.  The Chargers are 1-4 overall against the spread and 0-2 on the road.  The Packers are 10 point favorites.  Should I bet $10 on Green Bay to cover the spread?  If the majority of you think “Yes”, I will lay the cash down.  If the answer is “No”, I will wait until next week and await the poll results for the Week 8 line against the Broncos.  Should I bet the Packers in Week 6?

Comment to let everyone know why you think the Packers will/won’t cover the spread.