Tecmo Bo Jackson Player Of The Game – Week 10

Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game

In the early 90’s, there was a game that captured the hearts and minds of football fans…Tecmo Super Bowl.  Real players, stats, and simple controls.  It was mind-blowing.  In the game, there was one player who ruled them all, and that player was Bo Jackson (sorry QB Eagles).  He was unstoppable, zig-zagging his way up and down the field to another touchdown with utter ease.  So in honor of the immortal Tecmo Bo Jackson, Green + Gold Life will be honoring a player every week who dominated the game in the same way Tecmo Bo did with the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award.

And the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award for Week 10 goes to…

Damarious Randall

Shock.  Utter and complete shock.  That’s the only way you can summarize having a 24 game home win streak against the Lions snapped when the Packers were 11 point favorites.  Again, and I’m getting tired of having to write this the past three weeks, the team, especially the offense, was flat, disjointed, and plain disgusting to watch.  Opposing QBs had a 112.0 QBR against the Lions this year.  Let that sink in…112.0!!!  And Rodgers and his supposed weapons couldn’t do jack-squat against it.  This stretch has been, by far, the worst this offense has looked with an uninjured Rodgers under center.  Maybe it’s the Mike Ditka wearing the Packers sweater vest in that McDonald’s commercial curse that’s causing this ineptitude, maybe not, but it’s shocking.

With that said, the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award is going to an emerging star in the secondary…Damarious Randall.  Locked up with future HOFer Calvin Johnson the majority of the game, the rookie held his own in the matchup.  Not to mention the “we are owed one” onside kick recovery he had that should have won the game.  He’s a fighter, athletic as hell, and has that “it” factor that brings visions of future trips to the Pro Bowl a distinct reality.

“Randall might be one of the best athletes general manager Ted Thompson has drafted.  His ability to play the ball may be the best among all the Packers’ defensive backs.  He broke up a potential game-tying touchdown by the Chargers in Week 6, had interceptions in back-to-back games against Denver and Carolina and stole the onside kick recovery from Calvin Johnson on Sunday.”

Rob Demovsky, ESPN Staff Writer

So congratulation Damarious on your first Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award!  It definitely won’t be your last.