Tecmo Bo Jackson Player Of The Game – Week 12

Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game

In the early 90’s, there was a game that captured the hearts and minds of football fans…Tecmo Super Bowl.  Real players, stats, and simple controls.  It was mind-blowing.  In the game, there was one player who ruled them all, and that player was Bo Jackson (sorry QB Eagles).  He was unstoppable, zig-zagging his way up and down the field to another touchdown with utter ease.  So in honor of the immortal Tecmo Bo Jackson, Green + Gold Life will be honoring a player every week who dominated the game in the same way Tecmo Bo did with the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award.

And the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award for Week 12 goes to…

Bart Starr

Bart Starr

Even if the Packers would have won the game, this award was going to go to someone that wasn’t playing, someone who defied the odds to be on Lambeau Field for Brett’s special night, someone who exemplifies everything it is to be a Green Bay Packer.  That someone is Bart Starr.  There haven’t been many moments over my years of watching the Packers where I have gotten choked up, I’m talking tears swelling up in the eyes kinda emotional.  Thursday night was one of those moments watching Starr walk on the field that he made legendary for the last time.  And what made it so special, so completely magical, and which shows you the amazing man Bart is, is that he did this, this arduous journey to be at Lambeau, not for himself, but for a fellow legend 40 years his younger.  Here’s what Brett had to say about the moment…

“I got more of a thrill out of that than what I was here for. To see him, I don’t mean that, no disrespect that way, but to see him that excited at 81 years old was pretty awesome.  I think just having him here in general, it was more than likely his last time to be here.  And it’s sad.  I mean, I really wanted him to be here. His family wanted him to be here. I think that was a special way to send him.  I mean, he’s an amazing guy, amazing career here, an icon for so many.  Just, it was a special moment.”

Special moment it was indeed.  I mean “remember forever” moment for myself.  Who will ever forget that enthusiasm and energy he displayed as he went around the stadium?!?  Look at that face in the picture!  It made you smile and cry at the very same time.  I never saw Starr play except for the highlights I’ve seen countless times over my lifetime, but after that night, after you hear the stories of his leadership and generosity both on and off the field, I would say that without a doubt, Bart Starr is the great Green Bay Packer of them all, and thus truly deserving of the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award for Week 12.