Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game – Week 13

Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game

In the early 90’s, there was a game that captured the hearts and minds of football fans…Tecmo Super Bowl.  Real players, stats, and simple controls.  It was mind-blowing.  In the game, there was one player who ruled them all, and that player was Bo Jackson (sorry QB Eagles).  He was unstoppable, zig-zagging his way up and down the field to another touchdown with utter ease.  So in honor of the immortal Tecmo Bo Jackson, Green + Gold Life will be honoring a player every week who dominated the game in the same way Tecmo Bo did with the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award.

And the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award for Week 13 goes to…

James Starks Tecmo

Richard Rodgers

As the years go by, it will be interesting to see where what I’m going to call the ‘Hail Aaron’ ranks in the pantheon of legendary Packers plays.  If you want to see how ridiculous of a throw and catch it was, watch this video.

Warning:  Your jaw will drop.

Same ole lions

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I mean, come on!!!  The ball almost hit the rafters of Ford Field! And the man on the receiving end of that absolute bomb is our Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game for Week 13.  This miracle of a play isn’t new to the Rodgers’ family.  His dad played an important role in ‘The Play’, throwing two laterals in Cal’s triumph over Stanford, you know the one where the dude is running through the band.  8 catches for 146 yards and a TD are Gronk-like numbers in a game that the Packers so desperately needed.  And you know what’s even crazier about the Hail Aaron, Rodgers and Rodgers had actually PRACTICED THE PLAY IN THE PRE-GAME WARMUPS!

Before the game, Aaron Rodgers was messing around, lofting high passes into the end zone to Richard Rodgers.

“Usually, it doesn’t go that high in practice,” Richard Rodgers said.  “But before the game, he was throwing it that high. I dropped the first one and caught the next two.”

Seriously. They practiced it in warm-ups.

For the first time ever. Perfecting a miracle.

Of course, they did.

“It was pretty ironic,” Richard Rodgers said. “It was pretty weird. We were just messing around. He just threw three of them, really high up to the rafters.”

Jeff Seidel, Detroit Free Press

I think Packer fans are still basking in the high of this play, and will be for the foreseeable future if this is the magic moment that starts the run to Levi Stadium on February 7th.  Congratulations Richard Rodgers on your new place in Green and Gold lore, and on your Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award for Week 13!

Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game Week 13