Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game – Week 17

Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game

In the early 90’s, there was a game that captured the hearts and minds of football fans…Tecmo Super Bowl.  Real players, stats, and simple controls.  It was mind-blowing.  In the game, there was one player who ruled them all, and that player was Bo Jackson (sorry QB Eagles).  He was unstoppable, zig-zagging his way up and down the field to another touchdown with utter ease.  So in honor of the immortal Tecmo Bo Jackson, Green + Gold Life will be honoring a player every week who dominated the game in the same way Tecmo Bo did with the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award.

And the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award for Week 17 goes to…

Mason Crosby Tecmo Super Bowl

Mason Crosby

This 2015 team.  What can you make of them?  Each week, we as fans anticipated the coming out party for our beloved Green and Gold, a roster full of potential Tecmo Bo Jackson Award winners, only to be left confused and frustrated at the end of the game.  I don’t think there has ever been a season where the frequency of the question “What is wrong with this team?” has been so high and rampant.  With that said, the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award goes to the consistent veteran who did something when the team needed it the most that was just as clutch as drilling a 52 yard game-winning field goal, and was a part of history because of it.

After nailing a 43 yarder to put the Packers within 7 points, Crosby kicked off to the dangerous Cordarrelle Patterson, who displayed the elusiveness and speed that made him a 1st Round Pick racing to a dagger touchdown and NFC North crown for the Vikings.  But out of nowhere came Crosby, he of only 21 tackles in his 9 year career, who stripped the speedster of the football, saving the hopes and dreams of a Division title for Green Bay.

How improbable and rare was this play?  Pro-Football-Reference finds only two forced fumbles by a kicker in NFL history!  Let that sink in.  Two.  In NFL history.  Just like the unbelievable probability of the Hail Aaron a few weeks ago, this strip and fumble recovery is just as incredible.  Take a look at history again, and again, and again.

Bravo Mason.  Bravo.  It’s a shame that this miraculous play didn’t result in a victory, but along with hitting two field goals, it does result in Mason Crosby winning the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game for Week 17.