Tecmo Bo Jackson Player Of The Game – Week 6

Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game

In the early 90’s, there was a game that captured the hearts and minds of football fans…Tecmo Super Bowl.  Real players, stats, and simple controls.  It was mind-blowing.  In the game, there was one player who ruled them all, and that player was Bo Jackson (sorry QB Eagles).  He was unstoppable, zig-zagging his way up and down the field to another touchdown with utter ease.  So in honor of the immortal Tecmo Bo Jackson, Green + Gold Life will be honoring a player every week who dominated the game in the same way Tecmo Bo did with the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award.

And the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game award for Week 6 goes to…

James Starks Tecmo

James Starks

The question running through Packers fans everywhere as they were watching the game was “Where’s Lacy?”  Whether his ankle is more worrisome than the team is admitting, we don’t know, but McCarthy said he had a “feeling Starks was going to a have big day” and what a big day the undervalued and overlooked 6th Round pick running back from the University of Buffalo had.  11 touches for 117 total yards and two touchdowns, including an epic 65 yard gallop that was reminiscent of a Tecmo Bo Jackson.  Take away that run, he still averaged 5.2 yards per carry against an inspired Chargers defense while becoming the Packers first individual 100 yard rusher this season.  Here’s Starks on his surprise start and performance…

“I’m ready at all times.  I don’t care if I’m coming in second, first, whatever.  Any opportunity I get, I just try to make the most it.”


And make the most of it he did.  Congratulations James on winning the Tecmo Bo Jackson Player of the Game for Week 6!

James Starks