The Motor City Miracle

The Motor City Miracle

Lots was on the line for the Packers Thursday night, as a 61-yard Hail Mary flew through the air, nearly reaching the roof at Ford Field. With sweaty palms and quickly racing hearts, Packer fans were ready to lose their minds, completely. How could a 6-0 team, go 1-5 over their next 6? When the ball came down and Rodgers was there to make the leaping grab in end zone, we all learned something, the Packers aren’t done yet.

Things were ugly at half time. Lots of people had given up. All over social media, fans were making one thing very clear, they had given up. However, there were some that kept their heads up, and knew what this team was capable of. For those fans who never gave up, this victory tasted really good. “Betrayal denies us the joy of triumph. It’s better to believe and fail than to betray and win.” Said Vic Ketchman.

If it wasn’t for a last play face-mask, the Packers would be 7-5, and would have gone 1-5, since starting off 6-0. And, if the Vikings win on Sunday, the Packers would be two games behind. Thanks to an extra play, the Vikings can only pull ahead by one game. As long as Green Bay is within one game headed into week 17, another NFC North Championship is possible.

Lots to be happy about this weekend, but unless you skipped watching the first half, you probably have some concerns. Yes, winning is the most important thing, but the struggles in the first quarter are definitely note-worthy. The Packers trailed 17-0 at the half, and for the first two quarters, nothing was going well for them. Nothing.

But, after spending all November panicking and complaining, I think we give it a rest for now. This is December now, arguably the greatest time of the year for football, and we’re off to a great start. Maybe the “Motor City Miracle” will be chapter one in our fairy tale ending. That’s what we’re all hoping for.

There are lots of things to feel good about heading forward, and with the Thursday night victory, the NFC North is still very much there for the taking.

November wasn’t our month, and if we win It all in February, the November struggles will just make it feel better. It’s the home stretch, now, and one thing is very clear, The Pack are back.

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