We’re In

Packers Raiders Damarious Randall

The Green Bay Packers have made it, and we will see at least one playoff game for the team. With a Giants loss and a Packers win, the Packers guaranteed a wild-card spot. But, like Larry McCarren said, “They have bigger fish to fry.” That bigger fish being an NFC North title, again.

The win yesterday wasn’t pretty, and that was quite apparent. Aaron Rodgers did not look happy in his press conference after the game, saying that he wasn’t impressed with their offense. “We weren’t very effective. We had less than three hundred yards and had a terrible first half.” Unfortunately, this is something we’re starting to get used to seeing.

In a rough night for the offense, it was the defense who stepped up and ‘carried the weight.’ The defense made its presence felt early, with two interceptions. With 6:20 to go in the first, Packers’ safety Micah Hyde intercepted an underthrown pass on the thirty-six, which he returned all the way down to the Raiders’ two, setting up a punch-it-in touchdown for John Kuhn. Not long after that, rookie cornerback Damarious Randall made an interception on a pass that was heavily overthrown. Randall returned it forty-three yards for the touchdown.

Around the NFL, however, the Packers didn’t get much help from other teams. In a one o’clock game between the Vikings and the Bears, Packers fans everywhere were hoping for a Bears win. Weird, right? However, the Vikings played hard, defeating Chicago thirty-eight to seventeen. In Sunday Night Football action, the Cardinals headed to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles. Packers fans were pulling for the Eagles in that one, which would have set up a huge battle for the first-round bye next Sunday. The Cardinals took care of business and defeated the Eagles forty to seventeen, making it very unlikely for a Packers first-round bye.

Despite it being a rough game for the boys, they did get one thing that was very important; ten wins. “Yeah, I feel like we’re a playoff team; we’ve won ten games. That’s kind of the cut-off every year, you try to get to ten and you feel like you’ll get in if you get to ten,” Rodgers said when asked if he thinks they’re a playoff team. Are the Packers a playoff team? We’ll find out sooner or later, likely sooner, as the next two weeks mean crunch time for the Packers.

Next week, the Packers head to Arizona, a hostile environment against a team that is hoping to clinch a first round bye. Rodgers said it’ll be a ‘good test’ and many are even going as far as saying it’s the most important game of the year. After that, Green Bay hosts the Vikings in the season finale. A game that will likely decide the North. The next two weeks hold the answers to a lot of our questions. Once again, we just have to wait and see.

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