Winning Fixes Everything

How does a fan base go from losing their minds, panicking beyond belief and almost giving up on their team’s season, to we’ll be fine, this division is ours, Adrian Peterson has nothing on us and we’re the best thing since sliced bread, in just one week? Simply because, winning fixes everything.

Heading into this game, one thing was quite obvious. In order to win, The Packers had to stop Adrian Peterson, arguably the best RB in the history of the NFL. Many people said the Packers would win IF they held Adrian Peterson to 125 yards on Sunday. After a solid week of preparation and some miracle work by Mr. Capers, the team held Peterson to 45 yards, and forced him to fumble the ball once. They forced Minnesota to beat them in the air, as 38/62 of the Vikings plays were passing, and virtually, they shut down Peterson. On the offensive side of the ball, we saw a lot of things fixed since the game against the Lions. Eddie Lacy was back to his normal self, rushing for 100 yards on 22 carries. This being Eddie’s season high for yards and carries. After the game, McCarthy was asked if Lacy will get his starting position back. He said to think of it more like a one-two-punch. Lacy and Starks will most likely have a pretty even amount of snaps on Thursday. Once Green Bay got the run game going, it opened things up. Rodgers, despite throwing less than 50%, threw for 212 yards and 2 touchdowns. This game never seemed to be in doubt for the Packers.

With this win, the Packers move into first place in the NFC North, with the tie-breaker advantage over Minnesota. However, if the Vikings beat the Packers week 17 at Lambeau Field, losing to the Lions could prove VERY costly. But, we’re only entering week 12, Mike McCarthy says we don’t need to focus on the playoff picture until we get 10 wins. Vic Ketchman said, 10 to get in (the playoffs) 11 to win the division. We still have a long way to go. So, yes, enjoy the win, enjoy being atop the North again, but don’t get too excited until the job is all done, remember, 11 wins. Besides, entitlement is the wrong approach. However, buying a Grape-Crush soda at lunch every day this week to poke fun at a Vikings fan, would be pretty funny.

If there was any way to apologize to the team for booing them at Lambeau, it was probably to get “Go Pack Go” chants going in Minnesota, and that’s exactly what Packers fans did. Proving once again, Packers fans travel better than any other team in the league. John Kuhn had one first down on his only play, people outside the stadium heard about it, too. As Packers’ fans immediately reacted with the very famous “KUUUUUUHHHHHHNNNNN” chant.

All is forgiven when a team wins a big game. So this week, don’t focus on play-calling duties, don’t talk about O-line struggles, or the injury report, or Eddie Lacy’s ‘shape.’ Instead, be thankful for a win, and enjoy a weekend full of Favre, turkey and a rivalry football game at Lambeau. Can a weekend get better than that? I don’t think so.

It’ll be a big one on Thursday. Get excited, get ready and as always, GET LOUD LAMBEAU.

Nate is a contributing writer to Green + Gold Life and the man behind the unbelievably awesome and popular @ThePackerPage on Instagram.  Give it a follow…you’ll love it!